Welcome to TradUnion

TradUnion is a joint partnership managed by Wim and Pascal (both Belgian: the former Dutch-speaking and the latter French-speaking) who each have over 10 years of language experience in various fields of expertise. Their complementary approach as native speakers in the current Belgian and European context is another key asset. With the addition of their wide network of multilingual freelance professionals, you can be sure you’ve come to the right place!

Following their language studies at highly reputed translation and interpretation schools (HIEPSO Courtrai and EII Mons), Wim and Pascal each perfected their skills abroad (Great Britain and Germany respectively) prior to plunging into the professional language business. On the strength of their extensive experience in the job market, they soon decided to combine forces and offer their services on a self-employed basis as well.

The partnership now offers top-quality services and ensures personalized results. We focus on language in all its diversity, ranging from translation and interpretation tasks to text revision and linguistic expertise. We have also developed considerable knowledge about the world of wines (see link).

Please check out our website to find any information you might need about our activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us here should you have any queries. You’ll also find our details on the contact page. Thank you very much for your visit!